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Skye Day

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I started out working on BMWs. It was my passion and I saw a lot of potential in it. Working on these cars was the first time I was able to really focus on what I was doing and had no distraction. You see, at a young age back in 1999 I was diagnosed with ADHD. At this point it wasn’t well known or over-diagnosed like it is now. Regardless I just couldn’t sit still and I was always bouncing off the walls. Flash forward to today and that exact thing is what keeps me ahead of everyone else in what I do. I have energy to perform even while others do not and I am always on-the-go. I love it. The focus issue got a little better with age and I believe working on cars helped me learn how to turn on my focus when I need it. All this to say that now I do anything and everything that interests me. I run a podcast, create YT and Instagram Content, install communications equipment in emergency vehicles and I wait tables on the weekends cause why not. Soon I’ll be sending in auditions for TV shows because I think that’d be fun. I’m not in it for the money, but if that’s what comes from it so be it. I just love telling others about my life and the products I use. I get passionate pretty easily. 

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