Sarah McClellan-Brandt

Sarah McClellan-Brandt

United States

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I am a mom of two, wife to a martial arts school owner and full-time marketing professional (with a LOT of pets) — so adding a food blog to my to do list was really just a fun hobby at first. But it’s become so much more! So, why create another food blog? Because I love creating recipes and finding new ways to cook and eat! My food blog is about more than just food — I’m pretty passionate about what comes into my kitchen. I have enjoyed sharing this, along with products that help in my cooking journey, with others who are interested in cooking, baking and gardening. I’ve found an incredible sense of community here and on my social media channels, and have found like-minded friends from all over the world. I also love involving my kids in the process. They have come to love “helping” me make videos and recipes. My oldest is actually interested in learning how to film and take photos, so this is a learning tool for her (and me!). My youngest is my personal taste-tester — nothing leaves the kitchen without his stamp of approval. They have even started tasting the different lettuces in the garden (they spit them out, but, progress). The food we cook is on the healthier spectrum and we love to convert classics into lighter versions. The “hippie” part of this blog comes into play in the ingredients we use—I’m pretty vigilant about the health of my family and you could even call me “crunchy.” Our dairy is usually grass-fed and gluten is an occasional treat. Desserts are featured pretty often, as are my slightly healthier versions of classic cocktails. There is almost nothing better than a great cocktail with a fresh garden herb garnish at the end of the day. Followed by an amazing meal, of course. I am also working hard to create a more sustainable household and reduce wasteful consumption. This is hard and requires a lot of tough changes! When I find tips, tricks, or products that help, I will share them here.

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