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My name is Samer Delgado but I am also more widely affiliated with the alias “FitnessBlazt”. I am known within the street workout, Ninja Warrior and also within the Personal Training community. I am a single father of two girls(16 and 14) and I’ve had primary residency of them for the past 9 years. As a bar athlete I have competed in both the 2013 and 2014 World Cup Competitions in New York and was a judge for the 2015 New York stage. In 2013, I was named amongst the “10 best calisthenics moves of the year” video on youtube after achieving my well recognized muscle-up backflip to re-catch on a pull up bar. I have competed all over the US and have been invited to judge and compete over seas in many occasions such as King of the bars 2015 in Germany and Bars Life in Mexico. I was a chosen athlete to compete in the open Tournament at Battle of the Bars 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mr. Olympia fitness expo against 15 of the best Calisthenics athletes in America including two international athletes(Brazil and Mexico). I ended up taking home the first place trophy. Later I competed in LA for Battle of the Bars 6's main event against one of the best athletes in our sport Tatted Strength. Among other achievements one of my most prideful ones was to be a part of a video/magazine spread featuring my Team Barstarzz by Men's Health Magazine for the 2014 Dec edition(link below). Another big accomplishment came when I was chosen to be part of a calisthenics team performance at the half time show of an NBA game at the Miami Heat's arena in 2016 when they played the Spurs on a very important game. In 2016 I decided to take on Ninja Warrior and start to compete in local Ninja Competitions. On my first season competing in the National Ninja League(NNL) I made it to the finals in San Francisco, CA. That same year I was chosen to compete in the NBC hit show American Ninja Warrior in their 9th season where about 500 participants were chosen from a pool of over 70,000 applicants. I ended up exceeding my expectations and making it all the way to the Vegas Finals. My Instagram page has a following of 56k plus supporters. My TikTok account has 413k followers and I am certified as a “Popular Creator” on that platform. My single video highest reach is at 5.8 million views and over 680k likes with a total of 3.9 million likes on my profile. Finally due to the high volume of followers and friend requests on my personal Facebook page I had to develop a Facebook Athlete page which is up to 13k plus likes.

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