Salvatore Girone

Salvatore Girone

United States

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My name is Salvatore. Friends and fam call me Sal, Salva, Sal Boogie or just Boogie. I live in Los Angeles but I'm from New York. Puerto Rican and Sicilian. Fluent in English and conversational in Spanish. I'm 5'8, 156lb, bronze skinned, fit and I have long brown hair that is often up in a bun. I workout with primarily calisthenics and a bit of weight using mostly compound movements. (ex. pseudo planch pushups, handstand pushups, assisted one arm pullups, front levers, etc.) I have been training parkour, yoga and free flow movement and mobility on and off for almost a decade now. I also love to dance. Outdoor activity is important to me. I love adventures, camping, hiking, trail running, swimming in river and the ocean and doing my parkour and/or yoga out in nature. I've lived the backpacking, vagabond life for a few years and so I'm accustomed to and familiar with that lifestyle. (Travel, gypsies, hippies, beach life, mountain living, living in a tent, etc.) Meditation, crystals, reading, crystal jewelry, astrology, ancient civilizations and wildlife are all interests. Science also intrigues me. As does history, music, art, martial arts and nutrition. I am a highly eclectic man who's interests span the entire spectrum and who can be highly passionate about whatever it is I'm intrigued by or any ideal I choose to subscribe to. I'm most definitely an extroverted introvert loner who doesn't subscribe to most social norms, prefers to make moves alone instead of with a team or group, thinks for myself and doesn't do or think anything merely because others do. Living as a vagabond for so long I became accustomed to minimalist living and prefer it to a degree but I'm not closed to the experience of material abundance. I eat once to twice a day depending on that day's activity level and I only eat plants. I've been vegan for the animals for 8 and a half years now and I promote a whole food plant based lifestyle when others inquire about it. I will never promote a service or product which I do not or would not authentically use myself. I also love long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. hahaha

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