Roberto De Gouveia

Roberto De Gouveia

South Africa

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Roberto de Gouveia, a.k.a. KingBerto, is a well-known South African TikTok influencer, social media content creator and brand ambassador, with 1.1 million followers on TikTok (@k1ngbert0) and close to 50 000 followers on Instagram (@k1ngbert0).

The twenty-six-year-old sneaker lover, pizza devotee, tech enthusiast and role model, is currently one of the top ten biggest TikTok stars in the country and has worked with major brands like Lamborghini, POPL, Levi’s, Starbucks, Universal Music and Samsung to name but a few.

KingBerto, who refers to his followers as #TheRoyals, was born and raised in Germiston/ Boksburg by a single mother with whom he still has a close relationship. He attended Rynfield Primary School and matriculated at Benoni High.

Initially his intention was to upload TikTok videos as a way to pass the time, but when one of his first videos went viral, he suddenly found himself in the role of social media influencer and soon realised that people wanted to hear what he has to say.

“Becoming an influencer was never a conscious decision. I just kind of woke up with the label one day and realized that I had a responsibility to share my thoughts with my fans. I haven’t looked back since,” he explains. “One of my happiest moments on social media, was when I hit one million followers on TikTok. It was a big milestone that I was chasing for a long time and I was super proud and grateful to be able to reach this goal.”

This gifted content creator describes himself as an animal lover, who enjoys spending time with his dog – Pappito – as well as exercising and socialising with his friends and family. He also loves creating videos with his girlfriend and fellow-influencer, Chané Grobler (@chanegrobler), with whom he shares a combined following of more than 3.3 million on TikTok and more than 133 000 on Instagram.

The couple, who is lovingly referred to by fans as ‘Robbiné’, is a popular choice for brands to promote couples-oriented products and services.

Roberto draws inspiration for his work from his For You Page as well as his surroundings and personal experiences. He credits David Dobrik as one of his biggest role models and says: “I love his passion for life and the happiness that he constantly displays.”

Just like any other social media influencer, he had to learn not to take other people’s opinions about his videos too personally. Nowadays, he tends to ignore bad comments but admits that there are certain ones that stay with him a bit longer than others.

When asked about the current situation that we are facing, he says: “The saying that a ‘little fun never killed anyone’ is unfortunately no longer true. With the Covid-19 virus being such a prominent part of our lives, I think that it is more important than ever to urge people to avoid large gatherings and parties. Let’s stay home as much as possible.”

KingBerto wants to die with memories, not dreams, and still has many plans for the future, including becoming a successful influencer, getting married and having kids. But for now, he is focusing on the present.

“I like to think that my personality shines through in my videos and that people are able to relate to my content. TikTok makes it easy to reach a large audience, from different walks of life, and hopefully I can use my platform to do good and inspire others to do the same,” he concludes.


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Instagram: @k1ngbert0

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