Reham Khan

Reham Khan

United Kingdom

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Considered to be one of the most beautiful Muslim women in the world according to You-tubers lists I’m a British Pakistani Broadcaster/Journalist/Author/Human Rights Activist/Political Commentator/Filmmaker but above all a happy single parent to 3 amazing kids. My focus on children & youth was a natural progression for me & I connect well with the younger audience.
I have a reputation of being one of the most progressive & fearless representative voices of South East Asian women. From the domestic violence bill in the UK to active advocacy on child marriage & child abuse I’m recognised for spearheading human rights campaigns.

Because of my diverse interests ranging from art (recently started painting too) to politics & from books to gorgeous shoes, I have an even more diverse following.
My Twitter account is followed by leading senior international journalists & senior politicians for my trendsetting hashtags & sharp witty political tweets. My Instagram is the more apolitical platform mainly followed by a much younger audience particularly males in their 20s for insta lives or travel & food/fashion selfies.
My FB has the highest following where we post regular updates from all my platforms.
My YouTube channel is mainly travel videos with a twist (raw & wacky) & frank political commentary.
During my time at the BBC my shoes had a separate fan base. Sometimes nicknamed the Imelda Marcos of Pakistan. Although the vlogs & posts are political my jackets & scarves as well as my nail colour gets a lot more attention than I would like.
My fashion style ranges from
sharp tailoring to pretty scarves & contemporary jewellery. I’m known for my smile & a super enthusiastic persona. Many would describe me as a super strong female role model who can stand up to bullies without ever losing that smile.
Following the success of my my book & first film I’m now focusing on writing a screenplay for a digital platform.

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