Radhika Bangia

Radhika Bangia

British Indian Ocean Territory

speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

Hi!!! I'm Radhika, I was born in India and raised in New Zealand. Everyone tells me I have a very unique accent (which I'm super proud of!). I'm fluent in English as well as Hindi. 

Creating content is my passion, and I love to make people laugh. If my content can brighten even one person's day, then it's well worth the hard work and effort! 

I'm truly blessed with my amazing fan-base. I am one of the fastest growing influencers on TikTok India as I was able to garner over 2 million unique followers in 4 months time. I really enjoy what both platforms have to offer their user base, and I love engaging with my audience (which is currently easier to do on Instagram!). 



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