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Rachid Lotf


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Who is Rachid Lotf ?

Rachid Lotf is a senior graphic designer and concept artist.

Whatever the means used, his art has always been a manifestation of his personal journey. He makes art to encourage people to relive their childhood, cherish their memories and enjoy their current life.

Born in 1984, he started drawing at a very young age. He has always been passionate about art and all creative things in general, which has allowed him to teach himself very easily through practice.

He initially drew anime characters, and then he was introduced to graffiti. Afterward he decided to study visual art, which led him to start his career in silkscreen printing and mobile game design.

Although the aesthetics of retro gaming is the main influence of his work, he creates objects that are much more than superficially beautiful. He tells stories through his works of art, and it’s the most attractive thing about his work.


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