Pepita Janeva

North Macedonia

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SHORT VERSION: Hello! I am a law and political science student, I write sci-fi stories in my spare time and I like to design some clothing too. On Instagram I want to show my all around beauty\make up and fashion enthusiasm, so I am interested in those kinds of products.

I am a typical extrovert. Loud and outgoing. Comfortable topics for me are politics, law, religion and history. A big part of my identity is feminism. I am also an atheist. I am über Potterhead (proud Ravenclaw (even though everyone that knows me says that I am a hybrid with Slytherin)). I am a Disney fanatic too. Visiting the WB studio HP tour is probably my highest ranked bucket list experience, with a close second-visiting Disneyland (which I soon will (fingers crossed )). I sing a lot (mostly Disney soundtracks) and I am semi-good at it. I tend to listen Spanish and Turkish music and I love me some typical oriental music. For a year and a half now I've been writing my own take on More's "Utopia" (note: they are nothing alike, but I fancy explaining it that way). I also write poetry since I can remember. Also, I am a newbie (as in almost for a year) vegan and I've never felt physically better. More so, I am a make up girl. Even though I make my living out of political journalism I sometimes do other people's make up as a freelancer. I spend almost all my money on make up and books among the necessities. I tend to design the bulk of my wardrobe, giving the fact my fashion motto is "wear at least one unique piece a day" and when I say unique I think semi avant-garde and we all know avant-garde fashion isn't cheep. Therefore I can surely say that fashion designing is my most creative, right side of the brain provided, activity.

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