Ornela Sulce

Ornela Sulce

United States

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I love meeting and connecting with new people weather it is in my daily life or social media life. I really enjoy engaging with my followers and building stronger relationships. I cherish every friendship and relationship I create. I am very outgoing and love getting out of my comfort zone. My family was featured on one of the episodes of HOUSE HUNTERS on HGTV. 

Check out some of the brands I have represented on the highlights of my Instagram page @boy_mom_aidenbryson

My goal as in influelcer is to shine light on small companies who are overshadowed by NIKE and ADDIDAS. I love learning about the story behind the brand so I can create the best content and show them on the best possible light

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Average Engagement Rate by Reach 2.60%
Comment Average 165
Like Average 252
View Average 4K
Play Average 5K

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