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Oliver Maller


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My name is Oliver, and I am from Melbourne, Australia! I love hanging out with friends, especially ones who have the same interests as me. My hobbies are sitting at a computer and not gaming; sometimes I do, but not all the time, and what I do on the computer is learn things, whether watching YouTube or reading tech articles. I also have a strong passion for smart homes. Especially in Australia, it is not as big as it is in America. So when our house was built 12 years ago, all our devices were “dumb,” and I tried to find ways to make them smart. I look at the word smart not by being able to use products from your phone. I look at them as things that will improve your everyday life and quality of life. Well, of course I can’t make dumb things smart without asking the boss, aka dad, for a bigger budget. But my goal is to create innovative solutions that will make people's lives easier and more efficient. Whether it's through automation, artificial intelligence, or other cutting-edge technologies, I believe that smart products have the potential to revolutionise the way we live and work. I also like networking products because, without them, this type of technological advancement would not be possible. Networking products like routers, switches, and modems enable devices to communicate with each other seamlessly, paving the way for the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart homes. With these products, we can enjoy a more connected and convenient lifestyle. As a tech-loving influencer, I am passionate about discovering the latest and greatest smart devices that can enhance and simplify our daily routines. From smart speakers to wearable technology, I am always on the lookout for products that can transform the way we interact with technology. Additionally, I am always excited to explore networking technologies that enable seamless communication between all our devices, bringing us one step closer to the fully connected home of the future. As someone who believes in the power of technology to improve our lives, I am constantly sharing my thoughts and insights on social media, inspiring others to embrace innovation and creativity in their own lives.

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