Noah Morgan

Noah Morgan

United States

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17 year old senior in highschool, and an artist looking at Art and Design for a future career. I have a very deep love for cats and coffee or tea, with a current job as a barista and a black cat as a pet. Art and drawing is my main passion, using traditional more than digital, and enjoy experimenting with any and all supplies and mediums. The only food "allergy" I have is pineapple, but it's more that it gives me headaches than anything, and I don't like melons. I often listen to kpop and lofi, and play ukelele and guitar as a side hobby. Writing is another side hobby, usually writing unfinished drabbles and ideas for short stories that I don't often have time to complete. I hope to find supplies and items to increase the quality of my content and reach farther into the world in order to leave a mark and have some fun with it. 

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