Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams


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I am interested in any type of beauty, makeup, hair, apparel, pet or health products. My daytime profession is makeup artist, but when I have downtime I love branding myself. I am also a marketing student, and Instagram has always been my main platform to put my marketing skills to the test. Since I started my Instagram account I have gained a decent following, and have been asked to take part in several affiliate deals, the ones that I accepted have gone quite well. I love to represent brands and tell my followers what I am using that's new and popular and where you can get it. I have a YouTube channel started, but have not yet posted any videos, however it will be more for product reviews than makeup tutorials. I look forward to teaming up with brands to give reviews about their products and hopefully find some new things that I love, and that my followers will love! Look forward to working with you.

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