Mpho Mehlomakulu

Mpho Mehlomakulu

South Africa

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I am 24 years of age currently doing my final year in Bachelors of Theology in the prestigious University of Pretoria in South Africa. My passion for this academic field has help me in being very critical and to have the ability to together my words; thoughts and creativity together. 

I would consider myself to be very creative, strategic, critical, elaborate and tactical in a lot of things that I do. This shows in the different interests that I have and have learnt to collaborate them in my time and holistic purpose.

My love for music is unquestionable and passion for it is deeply rooted in me now. I sincerely believe that music has the ability to bring people together; reach the deepest part of the soul without struggle and creating something something like that is absolutely incredible. Being able to write songs, play piano, sing, guitar and a bit of drum; I have seen how different elements; different mediums are able to bring out one beautiful sound that is a blessing to another. It has taught me how different mediums of tools and people if used and taught right are able to bring out greatness in a company or project.

I think this is why I have been acquiring the skill of music production together with film production because of how one can take raw materials and bring out a complete package that resonates with people. One of my Youtube videos which was edited with a Huawei P8lite demonstrates what can come out of this brain of mine; having done it alone it with minimal resources it just expresses the possibilities that are to come.

I must say that I love electronics and anything that has to do with gadgets. How they have made our lives convenient and just the fun of it all really makes things special. I love fidgeting so I love exploring what a gadget can do. Like a MacBook Pro: I would love to see what that machine could do and what it could handle with all the Podcasts, Film Production, Creative Writing, Music Production, Business enterprise that would be function through it.

As much as a i am a very creative person I believe in critical thinking. I think my creativeness has become a vehicle that finds solutions for complex problems. I am one to believe that there is a solution to every problem we just need to think and analyse critically. This is where my passion for business and entrepreneurial venture and i think marketing is continuously evolving and intellifluence    is and will become a necessary tool for marketing on a larger and more convenient way.

I really enjoy Crime investigative series'; action thriller, sci - fi action, horror and comedy. I think that is what made me such an analytical person.

Finally, I have recently been elected to be the Deputy President of the SRC (Student Representative Council) of University of Pretoria for 2020; so as I am entering this new chapter I have been probed to read more. I never like to box myself in a certain category but I love being purposeful with what i do. It explains why my Podcasts and Video's focus more on encouraging and the Identity element of people. I love people that is one the things that make me 'Mehlobee'; ultimately it has helped me because a great communicator and to know what people need at a particular time. 

So bringing me on board is being a forward creative, strategic, analytical resource. You might just be bringing life on to your boat; I can't wait to work with you.

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