Morgan Phillips

Morgan Phillips

United States

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Morgan Phillips is a Seattle based adventure and lifestyle photographer. Morgan combines a hunger for adventure with his passion for photography, blended in order to document and share the beauty of his unique and fluid way of life. On this journey through life he met a dog named Huck. Huck’s love of the outdoors, as well as treats, made him the perfect companion for Morgan. The one constant on this journey is his camera, which Morgan uses not simply to capture and share his own lifestyle, but to tell the story of Huck growing up as well. Morgan specializes in a variety of forms: lifestyle, landscape, portrait, product and travel photography. All Morgan's photography is developed to reflect a narrative tailored to a brands specific needs. Huck specializes in sitting, eating treats, squeaking toys at the worst times, and being an all-around good boy (most of the time)!

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