Montana Skylar

Montana Skylar

United States

speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

Hi, I hope your having a great day and if not that I can make you smile!

I am a model and actress, I love to workout and model. I have a large following and am looking to expand it even further. I hope to soon influencing all around the world and changing it for the better. Let me know if you would love to be a part of this and work together.

Sept 13 2020:

I have over 762K followers on Tiktok and 3.7 million likes. I have much more traffic on my website and others. My Tiktok Hashtag has 29.6 million.

Check out MONTANA SKYLAR LLC the new company based on me: [link-omitted] 

"I was born into this world on camera.

A Leo baby born August 15, 1994 .

I have no idea why I was born to be such a star, but I feel it in my soul that I am doing everything I should be at this point in time.

I haven’t exactly always had what you think was a easy rich life, but I don’t like really talking and bringing up a past that was more pain and discomfort than anyone needed.

All we need to know is my past has taken me to where I am today and who I am now! It’s a better stronger more beautiful me .

My dreams are To be Famous .. Duh we all know that But what for is always the million dollar question?

Well for everything is my answer why limit myself when I know im capable of all things:

Acting, rapping, influencing and just being me. I do the things I love to do and being recorded doing it.

So I hope you guys just continue to follow my life with everything me in it ."

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