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About Me

The initial purpose of founding Just A GoPoer is to spread positivity, show the beauty of Egypt and the world, share living experience, and changing stereotypes through visual content, with Mazen being the sole content creator of the brand.

Perceived by his followers as an inspirational adventurer and traveler, Mazen persists to maintain highly interactive and engaging content through his online platforms, continuously communicating ideas, personal experience (his and others’), and outdoors experience, all in a highly entertaining flair.

Focused on online presence on Facebook and Instagram, with Instagram stories being his highest engaging tool, creating immediate response from a strongly interactive follower base. 

With simple yet creative and relatable content, Just a GoProer has introduced many well-known artists, creatives, public figures, and diverse industry professionals, as well as rising talents, presenting them within his atmosphere and showing a positive and encouraging side of them to the public.

Just a GoProer aims to maintain the core values of the brand:

  • Real
  • Positive
  • Relatable
  • Creative
  • Entertaining

It targets to do so, while adding more value to the brand by maintaining steady highly engaging content, collaborating with other brands, generating more outdoor activity, and creating campaigns with other travelers, creatives and artists enforcing the brand. 

JAG has already established 5 main content topics that will continue to grow within the year 2019

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