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Mary Marshall

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I founded and direct my organization The Paranormal MD. I am a paranormal educator at the colleges, lecturer, author of the book, Continuum, intuitive medium, radio personality, paranormal investigator & researcher, and I've been in a couple of documentaries and other available on Prime.


                                                    Mary Marshall

                                               The Paranormal MD

Educator - Mary helped institute and develop one of the first Paranormal Studies Program in the country that is taught at an institute of higher education. As a paranormal educator and innovator she now teaches several different metaphysical, science, and cultural based paranormal studies courses, as well as workshops at various colleges and institutions in the Chicago-land area. Mary also lectures at events, libraries, and conferences on how the sciences, including physics, neuroscience, and cultural anthropology relates to paranormal phenomenon. Internet classes will be available in 2020.

Investigator & Researcher - As a paranormal investigator and researcher with over 20 years’ experience, Mary is the founder and director of The Paranormal MD Investigations a scientific and technology based organization located in northwest Illinois that always keeps abreast on the latest scientific developments. The Paranormal MD is not limited to ghosts & hauntings. She delves into all fields and aspects of paranormal phenomenon including ufology and cryptozoology. Keeping in mind the process of the scientific method, she always tests theories, and search for, and document any “cause and effect” relationships. Simply put, I run experiments, I observe, test, look for correlations, and document it. [link-omitted] is an investigative and research science website that contains many answers and explanations about paranormal phenomenon.

Author - Mary Marshall’s book, Continuum is a sci-fi romantic adventure involving time travel available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She is currently working on a sequel to Continuum titled, Forever After, and nonfiction book, Paranormal Entanglement (release date 2021), which is based on all she has researched and learned in regard to the paranormal, ufology, cryptozoology, science, metaphysical, as it pertains to paranormal phenomenon. 

Radio Host/Personality - As a radio personality, Mary produced and hosted her own talk radio show titled, The Paranormal MD, which is available as a radio podcast via The Paranormal MD Radio website, YouTube Channel, iTunes, and Stitcher. In the past, Mary has guest hosted or co-hosted a few different radio shows other than her own. Her break into radio was as a co-host on a paranormal talk show at WLIP an AM/FM radio station. She’s frequently a guest interview on others radio shows, like Darkness Radio, too. To listen to her show podcasts and for more info: [link-omitted]

TV & Webisodes – Mary has appeared as a guest on Quest, a PBS talk show, Dark Coffin Classics, Psycho Babble, All Fired Up, Haunting History, and in the documentary on the WI bigfoot, Finding Jay, as well as been featured on TV news stations and newspapers. 

Psychic Medium – Mary is a natural intuitive and empath. Her psychic medium abilities have been with her since the beginning. However, not until the past few years has she delved into developing them so she may be of assistance and service to other in their healing and growth. Mary currently uses her medium-ship when leading public paranormal investigation at events, and giving intuitive medium reads to help private clients too.

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