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About Me

My name is Maria Lazou but I am known as Horo Von Kaida.
I am Cosplayer, a geek/weeb lover and I enjoy:
- Crafting, trying different materials or tools & techniques.
- I love travelling and I travel a lot.
- I enjoy food & snacks.
- I appreciate a healthy and fitness life as well as beauty products and make up. 

- Make up is part of my job so it's very important for me to find the best materials for my skin. 

- I am also my own photographer, I have my own professional photo studio and I am looking for new equipment to make my photos even better. 

- I am also a alternative model and a gamer and I love that kind of clothing! 

- I am also a collector of anime figures, gaming stuff and everything that is geek/otaku/kawaii/weeb.

-I am also a gamer and I stream from time to time with a big audience so I am also very interested in gaming peripherals. #1 Console: PS4 but I love my PC as well!  

Here's my socila media:

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