Lucija Golub

Lucija Golub


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My name is Lucija. I am from Croatia and for 18 years I've lived in a small town recently destroys by an earthquake. When I turned 18 I moved to a bigger town, so now I live near the sea surrounded with woods and beautiful nature, With everything I've been trough I really try hard to keep up the good spirit, to stay positive and to pass it on the others as well. I have few things i adore and share with everyone. Those are food and drinks. Precisely it's baking. I love cakes. Eating or making, doesn't matter because I love everything about it. So you can find a lot of food, drinks and cakes in my storys. One of my big loves are sneakers. I already have too many (according to my boyfriend). But is there such thing as too many sneakers I wonder!? As any modern girl I really love nice clothes. Specially dresses. I love the freedom you can have in them. Should try if you didn't (boys are welcome to). So I've covered the basic needs (food and drinks), something to wear, although I really don't have problem with the need to cover up my body. I love my body and myself, but if there is a nice dress to put on I will do it in a heartbeat, So we come to something i like to do when there is some free time. I have 2 cats i adore. They are very funny grumpy cats. Not just because they are mine. Well I will not be trying to convince you, just visit my IG and you will see. Every once in a while they become stars in their own little show. I make a whole story out of their pictures which are hilarious, give them their lines and it becomes fun for everyone. My content is very colorful, divers and i work hard to make it interesting for as many people as I can. I talk about important thing, but I can just as easily just be there to amuse the audience, Will respect their needs at all times. So, there is nothing left to do than to come and se what I've got. Looking forward to everyone of you!

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