Luba Mahe

Luba Mahe

South Africa

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KingBeyla Austin is an Artist and Musician,I play Piano and Guitar,sometimes sings and [link-omitted]cally I am a Jazz n Hip-hop  Music Producer and Beatmaker.

I am an Influencer and Entertainer . I am a pianist ,guitarist and producer/singer rapper at times. Am also selling Beats/instrumentals ,I also Master and mixTracks I also Record Artists/produce songs for paying artists I Charge about R1000 2 Songs "The artists come with their Beats but if they want my beats I sell from R500 a beat.I sometimes work Artists That I happen to have a strong musical connection with and have a nice Jam of Jazz / Pop/Trap/RnB/Gospel/AfroSoul/AfroPop, Commercial songs Etc. I be on the Piano or Guitar Accompanying the Artists/[link-omitted]ng and Soloing Jazz Tunes and Just Having Our ears listing to a different cool deep spiritual colours and Tough happy tempo melodies that we Created or old Jazz/Blues from the "1950 to the late 90's Music including new age like Fusions Jazz /Hiphop/RnB or Trap.

I am also Fitness and Modeling Lifestyle.

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