Luana Marchi

Luana Marchi


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I’m Luana Marchi, a Nutritional Therapist and Health and Wellness Coach, life enthusiast and passionate about outdoor adventures and travelling who was born in Brazil and now lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

My life mission now is to inspire others to improve their health and wellbeing through a healthier lifestyle.

I love to compete in triathlons, trail runs and road races last May, I ran my first Ultra Marathon - 60km at the Great Ocean Road Festival.

Since really young I've always had the desire to make the difference and contribute on making the world a better place. Aiming to achieve it, back in Brazil, I graduated as a Lawyer, but sadly I knew since my first year at law school that it wasn't for me. Moving to Australia gave me the chance to change careers and do something that I'm truly passionated about.
My brand is built around inspiring others to eat naturally and to give people the skills to make great food choices, knowing that this can help with chronic diseases, weight management, improved athletic performance, low energy and skin problems, to name a few.
I see my profession and exposure on social media as an Influencer totally correlated, because by sharing my lifestyle, daily routine and other passions I can advocate health and motivate people to live at the best. Showing that being health is not just about what we are eating.

I’m looking to work with and support brands which align well with my values: brands that want to inspire and encourage people to live healthier lives.
Brands I’ve worked with in the past have said that in real life, I’m exactly as I present myself online, and that’s the kind of working relationship and collaboration I’d like to offer to you as well.

Brands that I'm ambassador or have worked with recently: [link-omitted]; Decathlon Australia; Horizon Athletic; World Square Sydney; Brooks Shoes; Botanica Rainforest Day Spa; Juniper Organic Skincare; Google; Hands on Journeys; [link-omitted] Health Club; Paperbark Camp.

Instagram: @luamarchi
Facebook page: [link-omitted]
Blog: [link-omitted]

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