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Lovell Lee

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Lovell and Paris Lee are Money-Savvy Navy Vets and Travelin' Hustlas. Paris runs the Coach Paris YouTube channel and Lovell is CEO of DoDaMos Detailers. Lovell and Paris are living full-time in their self-converted…and paid-off Sprinter cargo van, aka KultureVan. Paris is a passionate fitness professional and talented content creator. Lovell is a business-minded entrepreneur who loves interests are in fitness, fashion, saving, investing, generational wealth-building, living freely, and #blackvanlife. After the military, Lovell and Paris ran into financial trouble while living a short life of luxury in the Los Angeles valley. They decided to start vanlife by moving into Lovell's retired computer repair van. This jumped off their Novel Kulture YouTube channel which now has over 10,000,000 views! Now as Novel Kulture is nearly six years old, they continue to document the life and experiences of two black nomads on their journey towards reversing financial damage, implementing the F.I.R.E movement principles, and excelling at their passion projects. Through the Novel Kulture Family, Lovell and Paris help #Vanlifers and #Nomads manage their personal finances, become Travelin’ Hustlas, and ultimately Digital Nomads. Check out our story on PBS, ABC, and more!

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