Lhyzie Bongon

Lhyzie Bongon


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Ma. Lyzette T. Bongon or also known as Lhyzie Bongon is Beauty, Lifestyle and Mommy Blogger. With over a decade of being in the social media, Lhyzie started blogging at [link-omitted] since 2010. She also owns, [link-omitted] which is a health and finance blog.

 Aside from blogging, she have worked as a Virtual Assistant and Email Handler of a US based company. 

Being a young mom, she took up short courses in Nursing. She also started writing [link-omitted] and [link-omitted].

About Lhyzie, she is primarily responsible for conceptualizing, writing, editing and promoting the content of a product. Lhyzie’s popular blog categories include fashion,
travel, food, music, gadgets, arts and design. 

As regards Beauty and Lifestyle, Lhyzie teaches fashion and advices how to look for new outfits and discover their own
personal style. 

Lhyzie lives and works in her home in the Metro and spends mostly of her time with Chloe, her 7 year old beautiful and talented daughter. She also loves taking care of her
dog, named Ash. Mom Lhyzie  is a also a resource person for moms who looks for new ideas for travel, recipes, family fun, arts and crafts and more.

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