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Revoic is a Delhi based musician and performer who started his musical journey in 2016. Revoic chose music as an outlet for his emotions and has crafted songs that are simple and evocative. His music has transcended the usual genre boundaries and can be appreciated and enjoyed by fans of different styles of music. Revoic’s music started reaching millions of ears after many YouTube content creators started using it in their videos.

Releases "Khogaya" & "Bhagey Re" entered the iTunes chart and peaked at #2 and #5

Music from Revoic’s EP “Khogaya” was also included in a critically acclaimed short film that won awards at many film festivals. Revoic’s musical journey’s watershed moment came when he was introduced to the shimmering world of electronic music. Ever since that, he has worked towards fusing electronic music with Indian music. Revoic usually wears many hats during the process of a song’s creation. He participates in the songwriting, producing and arranging sessions and has constantly improved in all three of those fields over the last decade.

Revoic music generally features Hindi vocals with international sounds. Fans are embracing this new age sound and the journey has just begun and future looks bright for this young star.

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