Kenneth Knights

Kenneth Knights

United States

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A Star Is Born 

In The Beginning...

Life was rough for a young 2K! It seemed to be more than a million ways to die in his hometown of Cincinnati, Oh. At first glance an outsider looking in might see a congregation of corrupted citizens. Crazy enough 2K! called this relentless environment his home, and nonetheless learned firsthand the Hip-Hop culture hither...

[link-omitted] The Midwest to the South...

At the age of 9 up until adulthood, 2K! never had a permanent home. Having lived in multiple cities and households with little to no amount of time to settle in, 2K! adapted his actions to such a nature. His mentality mirrored his history, teaching him to never settle for what’s available yet to be content with what you do have. The moment he did find himself settling in any environment acquiring friends and loved ones, his blanket of comfort was snatched from underneath like a crumbling foundation. Throughout this time period 2K! recalls his roots and uses Hip-Hop as a means of coping, recreation, &, expression. With Hip-Hop being second nature, pure education, &, the only constant in 2K!’s life. Thus begins the story of Kenneth Knights...

...A Man On A Mission...

Upon the new found outlet and opportunity 2K! discovered for himself. He made it his task and priority to use his gift for the betterment of society. Recalling what he’d been through, he finally understood with great power comes great responsibility. Battling through low income, lack of parenting, &, an oppositional industry. 2K! works his best to outdo any previous climax & undo a problematic past for generations to come. Indubitably fulfilling a prolific destiny to elevate as one of the greatest MC’s to ever touch a microphone. 


Kenneth J. Knights

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