Katherine Parkinson

Katherine Parkinson


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I love many things but mainly clothing & fitness, food & drink, health & beauty, jewelery, shoes, bath & body, coffee & tea, and cosmetic products. I grew up really loving different products, and my mom would actually call me her jewelery girl because I would wear every single bracelet that I owned all at one time. My wrists would be filled with bracelets far up my sleeve, hahaha. I am still addicted to jewelery but I don't wear everything at once anymore even though I would like to. It's funny, I actually tend to want to wear all of my wardrobe at once, use every makeup palate I own, and bathe with all of my products at once. What can I say, I can't get enough. I also have gone through big lifestyle changes from when I was younger which ties in with how excessive I can be sometime. I just love that I now take care of myself, and have found many products in the past that helped me do that. When I was a teenager I went through a phase where I didn't buy much for myself at all. I tended to forget about my bodies need for luxury and happiness. This is why I think I love being an influencer, because I think it's so very important to love ourselves and go out and get what would make us feel that love. It makes me happy to help others in the ways that I've been helped. And I'm really excited to hopefully try out your products so I can spread more word that could change a person's life further. Thank you so much!

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