juan valencia

juan valencia

United States

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Ahoy there! I’m Camilo but everyone out there Knows me as Cam, I’m a professional airline pilot who discovered the power of photography and content creation, now I travel around the world with a camera on my hand to showcase my experiences with different people.

Now a days social media has become one of the best places to connect with real people and I love doing it!

Im sure you have hundreds if not thousands of good creators contacting you all the time but here’s a couple of reasons why i would be a perfect fit for you:

REALNESS:Every follower onboard has chosen to be with me cause they share the same passion for life
VALUE: I only work with those who I believe in, I enjoy working alongside unique, inspiring and passionate brands.
TRUSTFULLNESS: Being a pilot has a  lot of perks and having credibility is one of them!
POSITIVITY: My goal is to teach people to appreciate every single little detail in life, including your company

I’ve worked with amazon companies like 360 Chicago, Welly Merck, California and Irotama resorts.

If you need more info I’ll be more than happy to send you my social media kit so you can get a glimpse of my work!

Looking forward to create some magic for you!

Cam Valmor

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