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Hello, my name is Joshua, I make Stop Motion contents over on my YouTube channel called "JM Animation". My contents mostly focuses on Anime such as My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Naruto, and Sword Art Online, and I also love doing contents related to gaming and movies, like Marvel, DC, etc. For my Stop Motions, I use both Action Figures and LEGO to animate with, and sometimes I do make toy reviews in stop motion form, which is something I came up with, since I already see a lot of people doing toy reviews all over the internet, so I tried differentiating my reviews a little bit from them. If you're interested in letting me review your products, then let me know, I would like to stick close to my contents, so that my audience wouldn't find the reviews out of place, thank you for visiting and checking out my account! :)

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I will comment on the post on the instagram feed

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