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Josh Woods

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My name is Josh Woods, the author of Us Living Life.  I am the one leading the way in the family as long as my wife lets me.   To me, everything is funny or almost everything.  My philosophy is to not take everything so serious and that goes for myself as well. And if I can do that, life will be a blast!  So far, it has been just that.  I am a family man!  I’m not a man’s man.  You won’t catch me working on a car or hunting, but you might see me singing to Taylor Swift on the radio while driving my mini-van.   I see all the funny and sometimes serious details of life.  

My wife told me one day that I should start blogging.  I have been a storyteller my whole life and I have always loved to make people laugh.  I knew she was on to something.  So I went for it and it was the best decision I have ever made.  My wife, Lindsey and my three kids are involved in pretty much everything that is created on our family friendly site.  I think humor is a great communicator.  And we incorporate it in almost all of what we do.  When you’re married with three kids, you get a lot of material.  So we take the humor, combine it with our experiences and give it a spin of creativity all while keeping it family friendly.  This is a recipe for high quality, engaging content.    

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