J. R. Thesis Smith

J. R. Thesis Smith


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I'm a mixed-race millenial in the height of their 20s & a wordsmith of sorts. I've spent most of my waking life in the U.S. – in the urban sprawl of NYC that is New Jersey, in the depths of its suburban echoes – but I've always dreamed of making my way across a bigger pond, to a place where opportunity would knock a little more often. After completing my training at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts (effectively spending three poor years in NYC) as a dance major, I gifted myself a semester of studying abroad in Berlin, and in doing so kept a vow made in early adolescence – thereby inciting a metamorphosis of promise into full-bodied intention: to eventually fully emigrate to Berlin, the first space that had ever allowed me the freedom to find my own breath, my pace of existence. Now that I finally live there, I'm learning how to breathe again – striving to become a more active member of the Undercommons as I continue on the odyssey that is my self-realization as an artistic being.

My most resonant hope is that I will be able to say what is true & necessary & kind; that people will find the time to listen, to themselves and each other; and that my voice will inspire other voices to speak out in turn.

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