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Welcome to my world of Food & Travel.

Why Food & Travel?
When I look back, most of my fondest memories are around a dining table with family & friends. My grandfather always said the family MUST eat together at the table, the same tradition my father follows till today & something I’m very grateful for. It’s such a simple yet beautiful thing. Every time there was Chicken fry, no matter how hungry my father was, he would mix some of that Chicken fry with hot rice & ghee in each of our plates & feed us the first bite with his hands. He did the same thing when there was kheema & sambar. While living abroad, whenever I missed home, I always made these dishes. Now I understand why. I always associated food with home, comfort & joy and I aim to achieve that no matter where I am in the world.

Over 2 decades ago, I remember my father & uncle went to Africa, Europe & told me about all the exotic food they ate during their travels. It was the first time the thought of traveling, exploring & eating local cuisine excited me.

Once I started traveling, I realised that wherever I went, the first order of business was to find the best local eats. I am so grateful to life that it has allowed me to pursue this dream as a full time job.

Exploring various cuisines & trying new things makes you realise that there is a whole culture, country and people that exist outside of what is normal for us. It helps us experience the world with a newfound respect and enthusiasm.

Why Infinity Platter?
The word Infinity has had the biggest impact in my life. I believe that we are all Infinite beings that have infinite energy, potential and power.

Joseph Campbell said "Follow your Bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."

The world in its unrestrained immeasurable glory is waiting to be experienced. We have been gifted with a Platter and Infinite options to fill it with. Our job is to fill it with whatever brings us the most Joy.

Infinity Platter began as an idea centred around exploring the world through food.
It was about sharing my love for travel, food and bringing new recipes to life. This journey just got infinitely more interesting.
It has now become a life changing adventure of Self discovery, exploring and understanding cultures, food habits, human behaviour and most importantly understanding life a little better.

What I aim to achieve?
My journey has just begun and I will continue to explore the unexplored corners of the world & share my experiences with you. It's about bringing you the little joys in life without unnecessary pretense.

My adventure so far has taught me that rather than trying to control every moment of our lives, it's best to surrender to it and let our happiness guide us by embracing and living each moment to the fullest.

Infinity Platter is my humble attempt to share the stories of food, travel, people and life through my lens and my experiences. In the process, if I bring you some Joy and Positivity, my mission is complete.

Live, Eat, Love, Laugh & Let go.. for in the end we only have our memories to take with us so let's make it a life worth remembering.

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