Greta Sinopoli

Greta Sinopoli


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My name is Greta and I’m from Argentina but lived abroad for many years. I am 29 years old. Vegetarian. At the moment I live in the Caribbean coast of Colombia on a beautiful beach resort where I meet people from all over the world. 

I am a Certified Yoga Teacher and currently live of teaching where I live. I also help run a surf school & coffee shop. I love where I live surrounded by nature! On my free time I enjoy the beach, surfing, painting, reading a good book!  I love traveling, still have so much of the world to explore! 

I love  swimwear, I live with a bikini on! That’s the life at the beach!  

I have a dog named Olaf and a chicken that decided it was going to be part of the family. Chicken and Olaf seem to be best friends pretty funny and extremely Cute! 

Even though I just put myself into this, I have been said by many of my friends I should do this and the opportunity came so I decided why not give it a shot? I have a pretty good healthy life and if I could show people that this type of healthy life of one taking care of themselves, in every way is possible than maybe I can give it a shot and inspire others to become better to themselves, better to the world we live in, better with the planet and everyone and everything that surrounds us, here I am! I will give it my best shot. 


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