Gerardo Cupan

Gerardo Cupan


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My name is Gerard, filipino,31years old. I studied in Japan for 2 years. I can speak and write Japanese.( a Japanese language teacher here in the Philippines)
I love eating organic/vegies ( should I say a bit vegetarian.) I love wine, I love reading inspirational books and financial literacy. I love teaching people also or give advices. I am passionate of cooking , I am an online seller also selling goods and other staff.

I am an person who wants to learn everything regardless if it is my passion or not. Always want my future self to be proud of on the next few years. Success doesn't mean "MONEY". Your relationship to your family and people surrounds you would be the best definition of SUCCESS. I want to inspire people and want have a PURPOSE in LIFE. Using this kind of PLATFORM as an influencer will help to find my self and influence people also.

I am looking forward to any opportunities that God will provide.

Looking forward to working to everyone of you soon.

Staysafe and be a blessings to everyone as always.

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