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20 - Video Gaming Grabbed Hold Of Me From The Age Of 7 When I Played Bomb Jack On The ZX Spectrum +2 For The First Time.......

30 - It's Been In My Blood Ever Since........

40 - Over The Years I Have Played So Many Video Games On So Many Consoles & Computers And Have Always Wanted To Be Involved In Video Games One Way Or Another

50 - When You Have Played As Many Games As I Have and Read As Many Copies Of Mean Machines & Super Play, You End Up With An Opinion On Gaming That You Have To Share

60 - Established in 2013 that's Where Games Freezer Came In ........

70 - Games Freezer Is The Place Where I Have Stored My Gaming Memories Over All These Years And It's The Place Where I Get To Tell The Retrogaming Community Exactly What I Think About Various Video Games Topics

80 - Since Britt joined the Games Freezer family back in 2016 the site has grown and now focuses not only on Retro Gaming but also Indie Games Reviews , Tech Reviews and Previews.

90 - Britt is a gaming monster who devours video games for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, tea, snacks and midnight feasts. His insatiable appetite for video games has led to some amazingly well-written reviews on some of the cream of the indie games crop over the last few years. If you look out of your window at night you might see a Welsh guy walking across the moors with a flaming gavel in his [link-omitted]'s Britt...

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