Gabriela Cinkova

Gabriela Cinkova


speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

▲ Photographer - [link-omitted] 

▲ Ambassador - Olympus cz/sk

▲ Optimist - I show my lifestyle on social media. Full of nature, creative world, family livin, snowboarding, surfing and hapiness of daily adventures:)

▲ Influencer of my baby - mom of two

▲ Eco mind:

Co-founder (2011) of non-profit organisation Keep it clean.

[link-omitted] - Message is simple: keep clean what gives you pleasure

▲ Designer of my live and #studioraj - photo atelier and place for the workshops and creative meetings in the nature - area called Bohemian Paradise - blog about : [link-omitted]

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