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Still wondering and don’t know who’s the person you’ve clicked? Hello There! Thank you for already open my portfolio. I’m FauwzyTube as used to say by tons of names, mostly are Fauwzy, Geverlyn, Tube, Zie, Fau. However, you could call me as your heart goes on to. 

I am a content creator on more than 5 platforms and I really appreciate it if I could introduce you; 


The YouTube Channel is called FauwzyTube with 200+ subscribers in 2021 who makes me known by all players around bloxburg or ROBLOX platform. If you check inside my YouTube you could observe and see with your own eyes a Bloxburg comedy, News, Cooking virtually, and also tons of more about ROBLOX infotainment and Bloxburg sitcom especially. Perhaps you know me by this side, however, I am not only supervising YouTube production, but I produce tons of more down there! 


as an architectural designer who collects architectural photography with my own builds that I created recently, and as a ROBLOX GFX Artist that also collects tons of my own art there.


start creating TikTok as a local ROBLOX comedian and Blog creator which has more than 9K followers and supporters in 2021.


A few stuffs about my ROBLOX life and connections / mutual with tons of famous creators also developers on Twitter. Mostly, Twitter is only used for sharing a few stuffs that is probably almost the same as Instagram however the Twitter account using much more high-quality stuffs. 


On ROBLOX I’m just an average Developer also Player, I design and create a game called Tubes Town which is now has been moved to Tubes World. That game has its own point to leash your own creativity with tools inside the game, make anything you want and create anything with your own hands and creativity.  


Work there as an HR and rule the management service also supervise the store collection. On my ROBLOX group, you could join it and be one of our Cola Team. Cola Team has its own unique design and outstanding + Out of the box T-Shirts. Collect all of them and be see how fantastic to wear those T-Shirts. 


Granted on my own group to be the owner absolutely. Also, supervising the other and be the OTD narrator. There are tons of fun stuff on there! Like an admin command to whole group members, Question / Poll of the day, and many more! 

Thank you

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