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Hi Intellifluence! House of Halo is all about music, creativity and entertainment. We make creative musical videos with a twist. With our videos we can give a surprising twist to nearly every product in our playlist called #SOUNDSLIKE, in which we make music with things that aren't musical instruments at all. We use product placements in our videos when they are music our tech related too, or we wear clothes and use attributes and share these pictures on our social media. So, when it's music our tech related we go deep into the products and it's specs our use it as a product placement. When not we do can do something really creative with a product and shoot a musical fun video with it, our we make pictures with clothes and attributes on our social media from basically anything that we like! As long as we think it's a cool product we're willing to give it a (optionally payed) shoutout. Since sound is what we love, we love hearing from you too! So feel free to give us a call our send us a message and find out how we can collaborate best..! :-) Have a great day! Erik & Eline

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