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Hi, I am Emily!

I am a cat lover, we have 2 cats, both females, named Daisy and Lily, we hope to get a dog soon.  Check out their photos. Aren't they just too adorable?  Daisy is a Siamese, and Lily the dark one is a Tortie.

We are enjoying doing upgrades to our house when we can. We love coffee and are always using our Keurig. Summers are fun as we love to grill.

I am a Blogger be sure to check out my web blog @ [link-omitted], I am also a  YouTuber  Check out my channel @


I love shopping, looking for thrift finds, I love working on crafts and home decor DIYS when time permits, I do my own nails at home from acrylics to gel nails, I love changing my nail polish often, We enjoy watching movies, going to the theater, taking drives. We are huge sci-fi fans, enjoy horror films from time to time. We planted our first vegetable garden this summer and it is thriving, we plan to garden every moment we can. We hope next year to take a few short road trips, were not too far from Maine. I would like to do bigger DIY projects, like refinishing furniture, perhaps build small items for our home. We are Patriot fans as well and love those Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins. My honey is a huge ps4 fan, he loves spending spare time playing on his playstation.

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