Elias Vignes Chardac

Elias Vignes Chardac


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o guys it's Nossif. Here we make gaming, prank, challenge and sometimes vlogging videos. I have been on YouTube for 1 year! My goal is to entertain you by sharing with you what I love to do. So if you want to support me you can subscribe and activate the bell it takes two seconds but it helps me a lot. So thank you to everyone who does thank you. ---------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA ---------------------- Instagram: [link-omitted]_off/ Twitch: [link-omitted]_yt Tiktok: [link-omitted]@nossif_off?lang=fr Twitter: [link-omitted]_vignes My epic: AFC_Nossif ---------------------- CONTACT ME ---------------------- Pro mail: [link-omitted] ---------------------- MY GOALS ---------------------- I want to make a living from YouTube while continuing to entertain you. I love you. ---------------------- OBJECTIVES ACHIEVED ---------------------- - 100 Subscribers - May 7, 2020 - 200 Subscribers - September 12, 2020

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