Egle Kasperaviciute

Egle Kasperaviciute


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Hi, I'm a faceless youtuber - a 37 y/oamateur artist that does tarot, playing card and Lenormand readings on relationships, health, career and spirituality daily.

I'm also fond of talking spirituality and doing deck and book reviews that I love and am inspired about. I'm still evolving as a youtuber and looking for more ways to express myself and deliver an inspiring message out there.

I have a stable subscriber base and 1500 views average a day. I like communicating with my 90% female subscribers and do tarot readings per their request.

I focus on day to day entertainment mixing spirituality, art, book and deck recommendations as well as burning candles, sporting bright nail polish and silver rings.

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I will provide an advertisement for you on my website.

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