Dineo Molongoana

Dineo Molongoana

South Africa

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I love everything about fashion, beauty and life style. I am a foodie and love me some good time. I love to go out with my friends and just have a great time. I love to try out different dishes and drinks. I love to shop for new jewelry and clothes. During my free time I try and update my social media platforms, go on dates and vacations. I am addicted to shoes. I love shoes with everything I have. I believe the perfect finishing touch to every outfit is a perfect shoe. I wear high heals a lot and when I shop for them I always go for something that makes a statement. I am not afraid of experimenting with color. I also love sneakers too and I happen to only own pink sneakers. I have no specific reason for that but I guess I'm drawn to that color when I shop for sneakers. I take pride in taking care of my skin. I am very cautious of what I put on my skin but I can still experiment and try new things because I know my skin. I know what works for me and I stick to it. I love to try different body lotions and body washes. I just like the idea of smelling different all the time. I always enjoy the invigorating smell of different lotions and everything else. I am not a fitness guru but I try to work out. I enjoy working out with my friends at home. That way we have control over our sessions. We can even go as far as exercising on video call and it's really fun and exciting. I'm not a big bodied lady but I have areas that often needs a little work overtime so I don't really exercise as much as I would like to. When it comes to my hair, I would say I have really great hair. My hair grows quite quickly and is relaxed. I don't have any specific hair routine and I don't use specific products. I am able to use any products as long as they are for my hair type and I do apply heat to my hair. I love to wear weaves and extentions. But I also love to wear braids and other protective hairstyles for black women. I use make up. I love make up. My make up is never complete without a good lipstick and lashes... A good foundation also goes a long way. I love to use very bright colors for my eye shadows and lipsticks. I love matte lipsticks and lip glosses. 

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