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David Nicholls

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I'm an English teacher with 18 years of experience, and I offer online TEFL classes for foreign students and grammar lessons for natives. I have a YouTube channel with more than 500 English lessons (MrSkypelessons), and I am the author of 2 English study guides.

My teaching career started in Moscow, where I worked for 8 years with adults and kids of all levels. My experience in Russia gave me the opportunity to study a foreign language, so I have a deep understanding of the frustrations and difficulties of language acquisition. I still attend online Russian classes, so I know exactly how it feels to be an online language learner. In 2011, I returned to the UK and started working freelance as an online English tutor. I found students by making videos on YouTube, and anyone who is interested in my teaching methodology should watch some of these lessons. I now have more than 500 English lessons on the 'MrSkypelessons' YouTube channel.
For the last 4 years, I have been teaching English grammar to hundreds of UK English teachers as part of a Skills and Knowledge Enhancement course (SKE), funded by the Department for Education. In these classes, I give my colleagues tips on how to identify parts of speech, how to punctuate phrases and clauses, and how to recognize rhetorical devices. I have enjoyed this opportunity immensely, as it has provided me with a better insight into the nuances of English [link-omitted] addition to English lessons, I also make videos about my hobbies, which include philosophy, Russian language, and chemistry.

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