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Hello, we will introduce ourselves ... we are Montse and David a couple who are fond of travel and have always liked motorcycles, adventure books, the Dakar, the smell of gasoline, photos, videos ... "The lands belong to their owners, but the landscape belongs to those who know how to appreciate it" ... Phrase that, in some way, has always been present in our way of conceiving the trip. That is, in addition to having everything ready, as far as the team is concerned, it would be absurd to schedule an outing without the essentials: the sense of love for nature, respect for people and interest in what, on the road, is he is discovering, which must be done with the five senses. We consider that the motorcycle is the best means of locomotion to achieve that "freedom" of action that every human being yearns to achieve one day. We have traveled half of Europe, reaching the North Cape (2015) and, in 2016, crossing the island of Iceland, as well as the Faeroe archipelago. After having made countless trips throughout France, Germany, Switzerland, Andorra, Tunisia, etc. etc. In 2017 we arrived in Dakar from Barcelona and in summer, enduring temperatures of 49ºC. But, as we have said before, it is not only about traveling thousands of kilometers, but about capturing the magic of the natural spaces that we are discovering, which are indelibly preserved in the retinas and also in a collection of digital images that can illustrate entire books travel. Because, sometimes, we wait for the precise moment to capture the solar sunrise, when it bursts over the horizon on a winter morning on the Lapp coast, or in a deep valley of the Pyrenees of Huesca, or the glow of the fire in a beech forest. , at the time of an autumnal sunset, or the Celtic magic of Taramundi, in the Principality of Asturias. Yes, because sometimes we have beauty not far from us. "Perlanegraviajes" and "Polvorilla", which are our pseudonyms and behind them we are Montse and David. A couple that travels on the back of a BMW F850GS Adventure and a Benelli TRK 502x to be able to appreciate that landscape that exists in the world.

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