Dallas Hart

Dallas Hart

United States

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Dallas Hart ( HÆRT) is an actor and musician in Los Angeles. He starred as the lead on the Netflix original series “Greenhouse Academy” with four seasons and original music aired on multiple seasons of the show. His character, a smart sensitive but strong minded guitar playing rockstar, had musical performances in many of the episodes. The song “Erasing You” from the show has hit over 300,000 streams on Spotify alone in just a month with no marketing budget. He gained over 1.3 million followers between Instagram and Tik Tok with some videos reaching over 10 million views. His Lead in a feature alongside Holly Taylor in a theatrical release later this year was met with raving reviews and he’s also working on a song that will beat the world record for most voices on a single track with proceeds going to “Charity Water” and Feed the Children”. In October of last year he produced and starred in a feature film during the pandemic. Covid couldn’t stop him from pursuing his goals and making meaningful art for the world to see. You’ve seen him in many roles on various shows and movies through his career and most have included his music skills as well. As soon as live performances are back he will be touring and spreading the music he also produces himself.

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