Conniá Jones

Conniá Jones

South Africa

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Conniá Jones is surrounded by an air of mystery, beautiful soul driven by his love for life. He's  very passionate about lifestyle, advertising, photography, gadgets, clothing, entertainment and music. His love for brands and social media is unmatched. He commands the South African twitter sphere. Conniá uses social media to inspire and convey powerful messages to his followers. He encourages his Followers and gives them hope to live or do something substantial.

Law by day, digital marketing by night – Conniá's blog impacts largely on brands and social cohesion. Mr Jones like many, is a foodie with a great taste and a neck for finer things.

With a wildly popular twitter account, which garners up to 1 million impressions in a single month and over 6000 active followers, a blooming marketing business, versatile brand collaborations and sponsorship’s dominating the influencer marketing space, it is none other than Conniá Jones. 

He’s a free-spirited socialite that loves people around him enough to be interfered with. His good-hearted soul can drag people out of their comfort zone and into the moonlight. Catch up on his experiences through news, pictures, articles and tweets.

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