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Taking on the World, One City at a Time
Updated on September 2019

We are two professionals who have decided to travel the world while documenting everything we learn and encounter through blogs and vlogs. We are leaving our home in Southern California and are going to travel the world full-time. We sold everything, businesses, cars, and lots of “stuff” or crap. It’s been both freeing and scary at the same time. We are excited to embark on this new adventure and to share our experiences. We both have a passion for travel and meeting new people.

Before you stop reading because you think we’ve lost our minds, let me explain. Early in 2018, we were both struggling trying to figure out what we wanted to do next. Although we were doing well in real estate, something was missing. Christie had been an appraiser for 18 years, and Joel had been in real estate sales for 8 years. We needed a change; we wanted to see the world while we were still young enough. To be honest, we felt burned out, and we’d lost our passion!!

We both had some health issues which were compounded by the stress of life. We had a family member who had a huge scare with cancer. All of these events were eye-opening for us. We realized firsthand that life is short and we can’t take any of our time here for granted. We had no idea what we were doing, how we were going to do it, or if we were making a huge mistake. All we knew was it was time to take a risk and step outside our comfort zone!!

So we decided to take a year off to travel the world, to learn about other cultures, try authentic cuisine, live totally outside our comfort zone, and most of all to see the world outside a narrow perception within our bubble. We craved the challenge of figuring out how to live in these countries when many times we didn’t speak the language or even know how to get around. Traveling fulltime has been an eye-opening experience in both education and our relationship. If you want to really know someone spend 24/7 with them in a foreign country while you’re essentially homeless. lol, There were adventures, stressful situations, and of course a lot of laughs.

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it!”


Now to the fun part!!! We will be starting our trip on January 3, 2019, with the Dominican Republic as the first country we will be living. After the Dominican Republic, we will head to the Yucatan Peninsula, Costa Rica, Panama, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Canada, and beyond…..

Our plans took a bit of a turn upon arriving in Canada. Joel had an unexpected issue with immigration. As with many people’s lives, nothing ever seems to go exactly as planned. If nothing else traveling has opened our eyes to “rolling with the punches” and figuring it out as we go along. We had a layover in Philadelphia on our way to Canada from Portugal. Joel was taken into the back room while attempting to go through immigration in Philadelphia. The officer told Joel if he left the United States again, he may not be able to return or he could lose his permanent resident card. Our itinerary has changed a bit for the remaining portion of this year while Joel’s becomes a United States citizen.

Actually, this is a trip I have wanted to take since I was a child. As a Southern California girl, I have spent most of my time in the south part of the state, except for weekend or week-long trips up north I haven’t spent an extended period throughout the west coast. We plan to start our journey in Seattle, Oregon, Northern California, and ending in Southern California (possibly more of the pacific northwest region too, not sure yet). This will be a 3-month long journey, so we plan to see and learn a lot; thereby bringing that information to our subscribers. If any of our subscribers have any advice regarding towns we can’t miss, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d love to hear from you anytime.

If you love to travel and would like to get an idea of local cultures in the small towns across this planet, we will be passing on a ton of knowledge. The majority of our trip will NOT be sitting on the beach sipping Mai Tai’s, but hiking remote jungles, shopping at the local markets, learning how to use local transportation and passing these experiences onto our friends, family, and followers.

Our planned itinerary so far is as follows:

Dominican Republic
Yucatan Penisula
Costa Rica
September – Seattle
October – December (Pacific Northwest & West continued)
Seattle, WA, through Oregon, and then from Northern California to Southern California
If you love to travel, we will be documenting our journey and will hopefully help others make the leap to start their adventure. We hope you will join us through our blogs and videos as we document our experiences through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube.

In every country, we will be documenting:

Where is the best place to fly into
How to find the cheapest flights
Accommodations in each country, usually for less than $1,200 a month
Best small towns with the most local culture
In-depth review of costs each country we stay
Safest areas to visit and areas to stay away from
Detailed videos on every place we stay
The best restaurants/nightlife
The best transportation methods
And much more…..
If you are still reading, we want to thank you and ask that you do two things for us. If you have an urge to travel and want to learn how we are doing this, follow us at [link-omitted] and @2travelinglovers on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Also, please SHARE this post with your friends and family as we both genuinely want to help others realize their next adventure can be just around the corner without maxing out your credit cards! We look forward to encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and live life to its fullest, whatever that might be for you!!

In the comments, we have uploaded what was supposed to be our introduction video, but we decided to go with the bloopers. Our final introduction video will come later.

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