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Celine Adobea Johansen


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Hey there, Growing up in Scandinavia with a West-African mother has naturally resulted in me being a free spirit who sees the entire globe as home. This does, however, not mean that I would want to live anywhere on it though. So I guess the accuracy of seeing the whole globe as home could be up for discussion. It hasn't been an easy journey but when is it ever? And how much fun would an easy journey really be? I began my career and education with this question: What makes me happy? A couple google searches and approx. 4 years later I can answer this question with confidence. I like to challenge the status quo in favour of genuine joy, connection, harmonious collaboration and growth. I am in love with the times we live in and how rich with opportunities it is for people all over the world. My service and work is here to inspire the fire that burns within us all. To remember how powerful we are in our ability to create the life we truly desire and to share as much beauty and love with one another as possible. Does the world need changing? Perhaps all it needs is a little rearranging. And once we realize the wealth that resides within all people being truly safe and well taken care of, I don't think we will ever want to go back. I am a writer, a singer, an entrepreneurial artist.

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