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I am a female entrepreneur with a focus on well-being (heatlh/wellness/ spiritual). [link-omitted] I am based in Toronto, Canada. My YouTube channel Elixir Wellness [link-omitted] is where I am receiving private emails to do more of my short videos of inspiration and the feedback is that the public is loving my energy and my approach! Being myself! To date, I am an integrative wellness practitioner (Mind, Body, Soul) including my services in ~ Health and Well-Being Coaching, Massage therapy, nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation and I host my very own creation 'Earthing& Wellness' Retreats in Costa Rica and anywhere my clients want to retreat to in the world (as long as it is sunny, warm and near the ocean!) I have over thirty-five years (35) combined with personal and professional expertise. I am also a former corporate world banker, which I left in the late '90s before the word entrepreneur was even beginning to be 'whispered'. I am also a single Mom to my identical twin sons who are now 19 years old and in University! I love what to do, and do what I love for my life! I am passionate about wellness and optimal well-being. I started off as a massage therapist, went back to school to get retrained after receiving my B.A. degree in Economics and working over 20 years in banking! I am here in this world to help inspire people to reclaim their self-empowerment for their wellness (Mental, Physical and Spiritual). I aim to teach/guide/inspire by walking my talk. This means that everything I do that is optimal for my well-being and improving my happiness and internal health (I am passionate about my fitness and remaining active until my last breath of life, eating real food, meeting new people, running, walking, traveling, music, self-healing techniques from ancient holistic practices, daily meditation practice, nature, earthing, ocean... MORE!! to live my life in Joy and Ease, then you can bet I am going to bring forward all of this to the people to share with them for their own personal life journeys!! My Social media links can all be found on my Home page website at [link-omitted] Since 2012 I have gone through MANY major life shifts ~ I left my abusive 17-year marriage, I survived divorce court, I trained in extensive alternative medicine modalities/holistic modalities and taught myself how to self-heal, be strong healthy and find my inner peace and self-love! Here I am , now just over 50 years old healthy, happy fit, self-employed, a Mom to 2 wonderfully compassionate, intelligent, athletic,well-adapted young men, a career I created I love doing ALL the things I love and finding my heart in Guanacaste, Costa Rica where I was inspired to go deeper into my self-healing and to create vision Earthing and Wellness retreats! Here is my website link [link-omitted] Overall, if I can collaborate on promoting areas that reflect how I live, desire to live and believe in ~ fitness, travel, nutrition, health and wellness, active clothing/luxury clothing, ... but we can talk about this on a phone /video call. I came upon this opportunity and did not plan this out, I am here and I hope to meet you soon to see if we can get some creative collaborations rolling out! Warmly, Carolynn Younghusband

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