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Ben Watkins

United States

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beat out its competition.  Born in Houston, but Compton raised, Bennie’s dreams of athletic superstardom was altered when a faithful ride to a recording studio with his uncle transformed his hobby of music into his destiny.  At the age of 13 music would become the backdrop for his young life story, where his intellect could be expressed creatively. For Bennie music became an outlet to pour all of his emotion into a work of art that would utilize the different facets of his creativity, from playing drums, all the way to playing the Baritone and Trumpet.  As an athlete, Bennie knew he had to become a student of the game quickly earning the title of “Everybody’s All American,” due in part to all of the positions he mastered on and off the court.  “My music is based on my life and the things I've seen. It’s time for change and we as artist need to bring back the reality to music instead of the fantasy.” 


His story may not be that different from the majority of minorities raised in the city, but his ability to paint mental pictures with words sets him apart as a storyteller with something to say; he wants people to know, to never give up.  He wants his trials & tribulations to serve as a cautionary tale to avoid the pit falls that take down so many and believe that they are better than what is offered. “I want them to hear my music and be like man Bennie from the same place we are and he made it out, so can I.”

Ben is the future of the rap game, - John Lewis Parker -


Bennie Dub is currently cooking up some magic with industry heavy hitters, to showcase his artistic range leading with the buzz records “All about the Money,” and “Coming Right Up” followed by the smash single, “Gimmie That.”  With its killer chorus and hard hitting lyrical content Bennie will prove that MTV had it right when they said, “This kid is ahead of his time, and here to stay.”


The journey may have been rough, but diamonds are made from pressure and the lid off of this pressure cooker is about to blow.  All Bennie needs is his microphone and a platform and he will be sure to knock down a few doors of the rap game for years to come.  And with a series of hit singles to soon follow Bennie Dub wants you to remember one thing...  It’s his turn now.

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